Week 8 Matchups

*This week, and for the rest of the season, there will be a coin flip prior to each game to decide who the home team is. The exceptions are the makeup games noted below.

Game of the Week
Royals Vs Personal – If you were on the Blvd Sunday of the MDT, you know exactly why this game is the GOTW. Royals are out for revenge after being eliminated from the MDT via a 6 run comeback, walk-off style. Personal is out to prove this wasn’t a fluke even though the Royals have won both regular season meetings so far.

Other Matchups
Bandits Vs Saints – The question here is how do the Saints bounce back after forfeiting three games last week? We’ll see.
Ravens Vs Emperors – Ravens trail the Emps by 8 points in the standings, a win here will definitely help them cut those points down. On the other hand, Emps can increase their lead.
Leland Vs Bandits – After tying in week 1, Leland beat the Bandits the 2nd time around. Can the Bandits even the season series?
Gold Vs Ravens – A nice matchup worthy of a game of the week consideration. Gold has gotten the job done lately and the Ravens have certainly hit when needed.
Falcons Vs Royals – Royals are looking for revenge after losing via a walk-off the last time these teams met. Falcons are out to prove that the win wasn’t a fluke.
Personal Vs Leland – Another tough game for Personal. They have failed to score a run twice against Leland. If they want a win, they will have to come out swinging.
Saints Vs Gold – Gold will be looking for another win when matched up against the Saints. Both times these two were matched up, Saints lost by ten runs.
Emperors Vs Stem – Both teams have good defensive players. Emps have out-scored Stem but Stem did win the last matchup 1-0. Winner will break and win the season series.
Stem Vs Falcons – Falcons trail the 8th place Stem team by seven points in the standings. A win here for either team will definitely help the playoff seeding race.
Personal Vs Ravens – This will be the third game of the day for both teams. Ravens have won both games so far, but each game has been tight. Ravens get the edge in this one.
Makeup Games
Gold Vs Bandits – Bandits will be trying to make their mark on the season and need to show consistency in order to beat one of the league’s top teams.
Leland Vs Saints – Another big test for the Saints. This marks the third game of the day for both teams. Can either team be going for their third win of the day? Time will tell.
Emperors Vs Falcons -These teams have only met once so far this season. Emps have the upper hand, winning that matchup by a 5-0 score. You can be sure the Falcons will be trying to even the score.

See you on the Blvd!
– Ron