Week 8 Preview

Game of the Week
Ravens Vs Saints – This is the first time these two teams meet during the regular season. The Saints won beat the Ravens in a Memorial Day Tournament matchup. A win here is pretty important for both teams since the standings are so close. The Saints, currently in 3rd place, have a four point advantage over the 4th place Ravens.

Remaining Games
Ravens Vs DiamondBacks – These two teams just faced off a few weeks ago stemming from a make-up game. That game was won by the Dbacks by a score of 7-2. You can be sure the Ravens will be looking for revenge; led by Al Jr and his ferocious line drive hits. Martin will try to hit some more bombs to help his team add an extra number in the win column.
Leland Vs Gold – This is definitely a premiere matchup, worthy of a game of the week, except for this week. Separated by five points in the standings, The Gold will be looking to increase their lead over 2nd place Leland. Leland lost their recent matchup, by a 6-3 score, and is hungry to gain on the 1st place team.
Emperors Vs Bandits – These two teams haven’t faced off during the regular season until this game is played. The edge definitely goes to the Emps who are holding on to 5th place by a small margin. The Emps have been missing several key players over the past few weeks and are hoping to be at full strength this week. The Bandits are hoping that the recent additions of Will Pena and Mario can spark the team to another victory and out of the league’s cellar.
Stem Vs Saints – After just facing off in a make-up game two weeks ago, these two teams meet again this week. The Saints barely won that game 2-0, with both runs coming from a Dom homerun. Stem did not put their hits together in that first matchup and will be looking to change that this time around.
Bandits Vs Royals – This is another first time matchup between these two teams. Thanks again to Mother Nature’s rain on May 19th. It will be an interesting matchup between two teams that have had some recent personnel changes. Both teams expect to benefit from the changes and are out to prove it first hand against one another.
Stem Vs Leland – This is a tough matchup for Stem, who has struggled to put up runs this season and are currently next to last in that category. The complete opposite is happening with Leland, who are currently the league’s 3rd highest scoring team. The defense could also be key in this matchup.
Diamondbacks Vs Royals – This is another recent match up which was won by the Dbacks in a high scoring 7-5 game. Royals want to prove that the loss was not a true testament to their talented squad. The Dbacks are ready to prove that the loss provided to the Royals was not a fluke. Eric will be looking to lead his team to a victory. His team leading .595 average and 22 hits, tied for team lead with Ruben, will do the talking in this game.
Gold Vs Emperors – This is another good matchup for The Gold this week. Yes, the Emps have been on a slide recently, but are still a threat in this league. These teams haven’t met during the regular season just yet, but are familiar with their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Well, that’s if you can find a weakness on the 1st place Gold.
See you on the Blvd!
– Ron