Week 9 Preview

Game of the Week
Leland Vs Saints – This game was selected as the GOTW due to the online poll taken earlier this week. Leland is two points ahead of the Saints for second place in the standings. Leland also has the upper hand since they have beaten the Saints twice, by scores of 1-0 and 8-3. The Saints have been on a roll lately, winning 5 out of their last 6 games. Leland is 3-3-1 in their last 7. Dave once again leads Leland with a .333 avg and 13 RBIs. Josh is currently holding on to a slim RBI lead with 11 RBIs and a .432 average. This is a great way to start the day as this game is played on Field #1 at 10AM!

Remaining games
Bandits Vs Gold – The Gold has not lost a game since Opening Day. The Gold leads the league in runs scored. They are +66 in run differential. They are the favorite in this game for sure. An upset would be just what the Bandits want to make a statement on the season.
Emperors Vs Royals – The Emps have not lost to the Royals this season. They won their first matchup and tied the second time they faced off. We haven’t seen the Emps at full strength in several weeks. But that’s no excuse since the Royals have trimmed their roster down. This is really a battle of good offense (Royals) vs good defense (Emperors).
Ravens Vs Emperors – Ahead of the Emperors by one point in the standings, the Ravens will be trying to strengthen their lead. In order to do so, they will need to get into an offensive flow. The Ravens sparkplug, Gil, has been missing for several weeks and it has definitely effected the team’s ability to score. On behalf of the league, I want to congratulate Gil on the arrival of his beautiful baby girl.
Royals Vs Saints – Split against each other this season, both teams will be looking to add to their win total. A tie would be a disappointment for sure. Adam and Kevin were hot last week at the plate for the Royals and are hoping to bring their “A” game again.
DiamondBacks Vs Stem – The winner of this game would own bragging rights on the regular season but more importantly, another 3 point on the standings. Ashley had a great debut for Stem and hopes to continue the hot-hitting. It will take more than just her to cool off a surging Dbacks team.
Bandits Vs Stem – In last place, the Bandits trail Stem by 3 points to get out of the cellar. A win will surely help to close the gap and even up the points on the season with Stem. Peña will need some help from his teammates in order to make this happen.
Leland Vs DiamondBacks – Both games which these two have played against each other have been close. So close, that one of them was a tie. Edwin’s 27 hits lead Leland and his team will be counting on him for some more in this matchup. The Dbacks will hope their top RBI producer, Jay, can continue to bring in the base runners.
Ravens Vs Gold – The Ravens are in the middle of the league’s standings so far while the Gold is the king of the hill. Every point is important at this point of the season and for the Ravens, gaining any point here would help. Elvin and Brunson hope to add to their team leading 10 RBIs during this matchup.

Make-up Games
Royals Vs Bandits – With 4 guys in double digits in the RBI category, the high scoring Royals will expect to add to those totals in this game. Christian, Ruben, Kevin and Eric are the four players driving in those runners for the Royals.
Emperors Vs Gold – The Gold blew out the Emps last week 10-2 and will plan on it again this week. Dusty’s 6 HR’s and 20 RBIs, lead the Gold and the league in those categories. He had 3 hits along with 1 HR and 3 RBis last time he faced the Emps. Matching that performance would surely benefit the league’s #1 team.
Saints Vs Ravens – A rematch of last week’s GOTW, the Ravens will be looking for revenge after being shutout last week. Although a triple play seemed to take the wind out of the Ravens’ sails, playing on field #3 almost guarantees the Ravens will score in this one. They have not been shutout on that field all season and don’t expect to start now.

See you on the Blvd!