Week2 Preview- Gold vs Emperors take the spotlight as GOTW

Game of the Week- Gold vs Emperors

This fierce rivalry will start a new chapter this week as these two teams meet for the first time this season. Both teams picked up three points in the standings , but both feel like they should have done better. The Emperor offense sputtered last week as they dropped two games to match their 2015 loss total in just their first week. After taking their first game last week, the Gold defense faltered in their second game and they settled for a split.  Anytime these two teams meet the fireworks are sure to go off. Wish I could take this one in.

Sugar Hill vs Emperors- Sugar Hill went winless in their first week in the league, but they were able to fight back and salvage a tie in one game. Their speed will keep them in every game and they will need it as the Emperors will be looking to get back on track and show the league last week was just rust.

Ravens vs Royals- The Ravens are determined to erase the bad memories of the last two seasons and picked up 4 points in week 1. The Royals also picked up 4 points in week 1 but they feel they let one slip away in their second game.  Every time these two team play it’s a close battle and this week should be no different.

Bullets vs Chiefs- The Bullets and Chiefs both winless in their NYESL debuts, but only the Bullets were able to pick up a tie. The Chiefs offense was non-existent last week and they will have to hit if they want to win in this league.  The Bullets lost a lead in the 7th inning last week and will need to tighten up on defense to finish games off.

Bullets vs Sugar Hill- Both of these teams are built on speed and are a threat whenever they have men on base.  This should be an exciting games as both will be trying to pick up points and show the league what they have to offer.

Leland vs Ravens- Leland had a heck of an opening week as these swept all three games they played and allowed just one run in the process.  The Ravens also had a good week but will have to play even better if Leland repeats last weeks performance.

Chiefs vs Gold- The Chiefs had a rough opening week, but in the NYESL on any given week anything can happen.  The Gold will do their best to keep the Chiefs winless.

Royals vs Saints- These two teams always leave it all on the field when they meet. There usually is no shortage of chirping or animosity as neither of these teams like losing to the other.

D’Backs vs Leland- The D’Backs picked up a win last week, but they will need to bring their A game if they want to beat Leland. Leland is out to prove last year was an aberration and week 1 was a prime example of that.

Saints vs D’Backs- The D’Backs have been a thorn in the Saints side and will look to continue their recent success against them.  The Saints can hit with the best of them and will look to out-slug the D’Backs.

Ravens vs Gold– This matchup used to be one of the marquee match-ups on the Blvd. After a good start last week, the Ravens believe they have a chance to erase the memory of the last two years.  The Gold will look to squash that notion.