Welcome To 2013!!

How time is flying…

Welcome to the 2013 New York Emperors Stickball Season!
It’s been 27 years since the NYESL was founded by Frank Calderon and Frank Sanchez. And as we continue to enjoy and promote the game of Stickball on Stickball Blvd and other parts of the country, we cant forget the contributions of those that set the foundations and rules of the game. Others that were involved in the birth of the NYESL or involved during those early times were Henry Rosado, Daddy Pena, Bobby Medina, Bobby Ortiz, and Louie Mercado.

But, there are other “Stickballers” that belong on that list that we call The Oldtimers and consists of great competitors and sportsman. These players are now settled throughout New York City and across the country. This has led to Stickball now being played in an organized fashion on most major cities across the United States and also the Caribbean. So, this year we are dedicating the 2013 Opening Day Ceremony to The OldTimers for their great contributions. Not just Oldtimers from the NYESL, but also from Manhattan, Miami, Orlando, California, New Jersey, Puerto Rico that ever played the game. Stickball in these and other places has continued to flourish and expand and we congratulate The Oldtimers for these contributions on this day as well. We are currently compiling a list of names in order to create an “Oldtimer’s List”, which is a list designed to include the names of people that deserve to be remembered on this day. Please send us names and pictures to bxstickball@gmail.com

NYESL Founders
(left to right) Frank Sanchez, Daddy Pena, Henry Rosado (Jen’s dad), Frank Calderon,Kevin Santiago , Louie Mercado (Steve’s dad),Louie Vargas

Last year The Gold won the NYESL Season and Columbus Day Championships, while the Bronx Emperors won the Memorial Day Tournament and Puerto Rico won the Labor Day Tournament. These are the usual suspects on the title’s list, but many teams have made off season moves that can change things this year. Stay tuned for news on this topic…

In other news, Nothing Personal has officially changed it’s name to the Diamond Backs and a few player moves were made during that transition. There have also been a few player moves on other teams that will be detailed during a later posting.

Opening Day is on April 21, 2013 with opening day ceremonies starting at 9:15am. Part of the agenda will be the celebration of last year’s champions and MVP. We’ll also be honoring last year’s Golden Hands winners for each position, as well as, a Most Improved player from each team. The Steve Mercado Brotherhood Award will also be given.

We would like also announce the introduction of a major rule change. Due to safety reasons and other concerns the NYESL will be introducing automatic homeruns if the stickball is hit over the cones on any field. This will avoid a player running into traffic and risk serious injury, which is our primary concern after past close calls. Safety, safety, safety!! The details of this rule change are being discussed during the monthly captains meeting’s being held during the last Thursday of every month. We’ll be posting the entire details of the rule change and how it affects outfield play once things are confirmed. If you have concerns with this rule change, please contact your captain to discuss and bring up during the next captains meeting on March 28th, 2013.

Stay tuned for more NYESL Stickball news…
Questions? Send email to bxstickball@gmail.com

Stickball. Not just a game…A Tradition!!

By:Vido Creales