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League Standings

NYESL - Season 2014
Name W- L- T- Pts-For-Against-Diff-Avg-Win_Pct 
1.Leland Legends1545509867314.08330.729
2.Bronx Emperors15544913761765.70830.708
3.Bronx Royals12844012512055.20830.583
5.Bronx Ravens71342588112-243.66670.375
6.Diamond Backs71342587117-303.62500.375
7.Jersey City Devils71522391134-433.79170.333
8.NJ Saints61442289120-313.70830.333

Our Game


  Rest In Peace RIP Enrique Rivera

Rest in peace Enrique Rivera. Enrique Rivera was the grandfather of Tito and Eric from the Emperors and father to Tito's dad Eddie Rivera. Please say a prayer for their family and wish them strength and wisdom during these difficult times. Please see below for the viewing and final farewell.

  Posted by bxstickball on Saturday, December 20 @ 15:56:10 EST (48 reads)
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  PHP-Nuke Gold wins the 2014 Columbus Day Tournament

The 2014 Columbus Day tournament was in jeopardy of being played this year with rain washing out Saturdays games. But the NYESL was determined to get the tournament in and came up with a plan to ensure a champion was crowned.  Normally each team plays 3 games on the first day of the tournament in order to determine seeding for Sundays one game elimination playoff, where the top 8 teams play.  But due to the rain, adjustments had to be made on the fly.  With 9 teams participating, it was voted that the 9 teams would be broken up into 3 divisions, with each team playing 2 games within their own division. The team with the best record in each division would automatically clinch a playoff spot and then the best second place team (determined by run differential) would be the wild card.   

Division A featured The Gold, Manhattans Wolf Pack, and the NJ Saints.

Division B featured the Leland Legends, Manhattans Jayhawks, and the Bronx Royals

Division C featured the Bronx Emperors, Bronx Ravens, and the Diamondbacks.

After each team played their two games, the 3 teams that automatically qualified for the playoffs were the Wolf Pack, Bronx Royals, and Bronx Emperors.  The Gold qualified as the final playoff team and edged out Leland by just 1 run.

The semi-finals featured the Gold versus the Emperors on field 1, and the Wolf Pack versus the Royals on field 2.  The Royals and Emperors were looking forward to a rematch of the 2013 Columbus day final, but the Gold and the Wolf Pack had other plans in mind.  The Gold defeated the Emperors by a score of 3-1, and the Wolf Pack upended the Royals 7-3.

The Championship game featured the storied Gold against the up and comers the Wolf Pack.  The Wolf Pack were confident coming into this game that they could take The Gold down after beating them earlier in the day in the qualifying round.  But the Gold put on an absolute clinic in the championship game.  The Gold defeated the Wolf Pack by a score of 16-1 and pocketed their second championship of the 2014 season.  Tournament MVP Josh Infante led the Gold with his solid defense and paced the Golds offensive attack with his bat and speed on the bases.

Congratulations are in order to the Gold as they proved their doubters wrong this weekend with a gritty performance.

Thanks you to all the teams that participated in this years tournament. And a special thanks to the NYESL board and team captains who were able to come up with a plan to get the games in and still put on a quality tournament.

That wraps it up for stickball in 2014.  May everyone have a safe offseason. See you all in 2015.

  Posted by bxstickball on Thursday, October 16 @ 17:08:02 EDT (259 reads)
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  Blvd Logo Columbus Day Tournament - 2014

The 2014 NYESL Columbus day tournament is quickly approaching. The tournament gives teams who haven't won a championship this year their final crack at it before they have to wait until next year. This years tournament will feature 10 teams from the Bronx, Manhattan and New Jersey fighting for their last chance at bragging rights in 2014. October is breast cancer awareness month, and as always, the Columbus day tournament will be dedicated to those who are fighting breast cancer, as well as remember those who have lost their battle against it.

The Bronx teams will be anxious to get out on the field after coming back from the Labor Day tournament in San Diego empty handed. It was the first time in the history of the San Diego Tourney that a team from the Bronx did not play in the championship when the Bronx was participating. The Royals and Gold both lost in the semi-finals and are looking to bounce back in a big way.

Among the 10 teams participating will be the Emperors, who are the defending Columbus day champs. The Emperors will be trying to win their second championship this year after claiming the 2014 league championship. Can the Gold win their second championship of the year and add to their Memorial Day victory earlier in the year? The Royals have been the runner up in the last 3 Columbus day tournaments. Can they finally break through and win it? Can Leland claim their first Bronx title after coming close time and time again? Or will another team come out and surprise the rest of the league and finish the season with a bang?

So come out and join us next weekend as we say goodbye to stickball until the 2015 season. There will be plenty of food, music, and as always, plenty of great stickball action that will be sure to entertain you.

  Posted by bxstickball on Wednesday, October 01 @ 22:50:36 EDT (228 reads)
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  Rest In Peace RIP - Freddie Guzman

Our condolences goes out to Millie and her family during these difficult times. Millie was in charge of the cooking on Stickball Blvd a few years back and then handed it over to her son. A lot of you may not know Freddie, but he was Millie's husband. A great man who will surely be missed by many. 
The viewing will be this Friday October 3rd at the Ortiz Funeral Home on Westchester Ave & Castle Hill Ave in the Bronx from 3pm-9pm. 
Thank you Millie and family for all you have done for the Stickball community over the years. We're here to support and go through these difficult times together. God Bless You.
  Posted by bxstickball on Wednesday, October 01 @ 21:36:17 EDT (188 reads)
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  Blvd Logo 2014 Labor Day Champs - Fish Sticks

  Posted by bxstickball on Friday, September 19 @ 21:58:06 EDT (206 reads)
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  Blvd Logo 2014 Championship Run

The Bronx Emperors 2014 NYESL CHAMPIONS.

Emperors Vs NJ Devils

The Emperors sporting the leagues best offense and the #1 Defense came into the playoffs as the #2 seed behind Leland Legends. The Emperors waited as the NJ Devils punched their card into the playoffs by defeating the NJ Saints 3-1. The NJ Devils came out flying as Lenny "Hollywood" & team Mgr/Capt.set the tone by bringing his line drive hitting to the #1 Defense. He was not alone as Chris "Bambino" also brought the fire needed to beat the Emperors. Through 4 innings the Emperors were leading 3-0 and then as in many games the Emperors caught a break. Lenny hit a rope for a hit followed by another hit putting 2 men on with 2 outs Chris then crushed the ball sending it to parts where only the big boys go and had the fans believing tie game. The ball sailed into the sidewalk and as Chris rounded 2nd base into his HR trot, FOUL! was yelled by the OF Ump. Although the ball sailed thru the middle of the field it landed foul by inches according to ump although many fans disputed it asking with the Devils. The Emperors then sealed the deal by adding more runs in the 5th and 6th with the nail in the coffin coming from a similar bomb from Emperors All Star 3rd Baseman and OF All Star MVP Mike Carrion. 9-0 Emperors win with the score not really telling the whole truth. Next Bx Royals.

Emperors Vs Royals

The Bx Royals defeated the D Backs in FD2 13-6 and was ready to challenge the #1Defense as the Royals boasted #2 offense and ranked 4 players (SS Eric Santana, OF Darnell Byrd, 3B Kevin Santana and 1B Ruben) in multiple offensive categories. The Emperors were led by team capt OF Vido whose the teams emotional leader and as he goes they go. Vido set the tone by continuously ripping linedrives thru the Royals defense. Sluggers OF Mike Carrion 3B Caban and Cleanup hitter Forty brought home the runs while SS Eric Rivera and OF Ricky Torres shut the door on the vaunted Royal 4 limiting them to couple singles and shutting them out in the 7-0 win.

Emperors Vs Leland

1 vs 2. Leland and Emperors. #1 Offense vs #2 Defense. Leland advanced to the Championship Game by getting a bye and having to face The Gold in the Semi final. Leland defeated Gold 5-1 after trailing early and was ready to show all why they were the #1 seeded team. The Emperors had the best record since the Memorial Tournament where they lost to Leland 11-5. These 2 teams battled all year and outside of that heartbreaking lopsided loss they have all been 1 run games or tie. The Emperors struck early on a gift from SS Eddie F as he.was unable to come up with a slow dribbler by Emperors Capt Tito allowing  2 runs to score. The Emperors continued to put the pressure on Leland as EH/1B Tyrone Viruet was one of 4 players with multiple hits. The Emperors Defense stepped up by shutting out Leland and made several great defensive plays led by Outfielders Ricky Torres/Mike Carrion/ Chungo and Vido. The IF which has 3 Golden Hands award winners was carried by Golden Hands 2B Ant Live who made it look so easy on a couple of sizzling shots by Leland Capt SS Eddie F. The Game was still within reach for Leland til the Emperors Ricky launched a 2 out 2 Run No doubter Homer to seal the victory 5-0. The Emperors dominated the day and playing above their league leading numbers. They scored 21 runs while giving up zero. Congratulations to The Emperors who played the whole day in honor of close friend Noel Romeros father Junior.
                                                                                - Tito Rivera
  Posted by bxstickball on Saturday, August 16 @ 08:34:56 EDT (280 reads)
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  Stickball Blvd Supporting Our Troops - James R Saylor

The New York Emperors Stickball League has been in existence since 1985 and since then many of our Stickball brothers have taken on the challenge of joining the armed forces of the United States of America. 

Players like David Gintel (USMC) from the Bronx Ravens; Victor Morales (Army) from the Bronx Emperors; Albie Santiago from the Gold; Jay Alvarez from Leland Legends

Many others throughout the league have also taken on that responsibility and recently one of our sons has started bootcamp for the United States Marine Corps. Jame R Saylor, son of Artie Saylor from the Bronx Ravens, has recently shipped out to Parris Island to begin his Marine Corps training. 

The NYESL family stands together as we salute "Recruit Saylor R James" and wish him the best of luck and success during the next few months. Letters can be sent to:

RCT Saylor James R
1 RTBN PLT 1078 CO B
Box 16135
Parris Island, SC 29905 

We congratulate James and the rest of the members of our Stickball community who have taken on the responsibility of protecting our country. 

Thank you for your sacrifices.

                                              -NYESL and Stickball Community
  Posted by bxstickball on Thursday, August 07 @ 19:22:42 EDT (272 reads)
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  Stickball Blvd Emperors Win the 2014 NYESL Championship!

  Posted by bxstickball on Monday, August 04 @ 19:41:28 EDT (231 reads)
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  PHP-Nuke Playoff Preview

As we entered the final week of the regular season, there were plenty of playoff implications as none of the seeds had yet to be determined.  In the days first set of games, the Gold took on Leland and the Royals took on the Saints.

On field 1, Leland had a chance to lock up the top overall seed and a first round bye, while the Gold had a chance to lock up the 3 seed.  Leland was able to hold off the Gold and won 4-2 to secure the top seed.

On field 2, the Royals took on the Saints with a chance to take over the 3 seed coupled with a Gold loss. The Royals were able to hold off the Saints to hang on for the 4-3 win. The loss ensured that the Saints would be the 8 seed and play in a 1 game playoff against the 7 seed, which had yet to be determined.

The second set of games featured the Emperors vs Ravens on field 1, and the Devils vs. D’Backs on field 2.  The D’Backs, Ravens, and Devils were all in contention for the 5th seed.

On field 1, the Emperors had already been locked into the 2 seed with Lelands win in the early game. With a win the Ravens would secure the 5 seed, but they were unable to beat the Emperors and needed help to hang on to the 5 seed.

On field 2, both the Devils and D’Backs had a chance to move up to the 5 seed with a win.  The D’Backs came out on fire and handled the Devils easily. The loss knocked the Devils down to seventh place and forces them into a play-in game against the Saints to get into the playoffs.  The D’Backs just narrowly missed earning the 5 seed as they came up 2 runs short from overtaking the Ravens, and settled for the 6th seeds

Playoff Matchups

10 AM Field 1- (6) D’Backs vs (3) Royals-  The Royals took the season series from the D’Backs by a record of 2-0-2.  But don’t let that fool you. The D’Backs played the Royals tough all season and have a ton of confidence coming into this game. The Royals struggled in the second half of the season but still finished with the second best offense in the league. They will need every bit of offense they can get as their defense was second worst in the league.

10 AM Field 2- Saints vs Devils-This game will be a play in game. Winner will play the second seeded Emperors. The Devils took the season series from the Saints by a record of 2-1-1.  After winning 18 games just a year ago, the Saints struggled mightily this season and finished last.  The Devils showed they can hit with anyone at times this season, but their defense ranked worst in the league. 

11 AM- Field 1- Winner of Saints/Devils vs. (2) Emperors- The Emperors will face the winner of the play-in game between the Saints and Devils. The Emperors did not lose to either of these teams in the regular season so they will feel pretty confident against whoever they face. The Emperors finished the season with leagues best offense and defense.

11 AM Field 2- (5)Ravens vs (4) Gold- The Gold finished the season 3-0-1 against the Ravens this season.  The Gold didn’t have the type of season we have come to expect from them, but they are always dangerous come playoff time and no team has the championship experience they have.  The Ravens had a nightmare start to the season, but turned things around midway through the season and went from the basement to the 5 seed in just a few weeks. 

  Posted by bxstickball on Wednesday, July 30 @ 13:59:17 EDT (517 reads)
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  Blvd Logo Leland Wins First Place!

Congratulations to the Leland Legends for coming in first place in 2014! They played hard this year and earned those bragging rights! Of course, next week is the 2014 NYESL Championship weekend, so good luck to all teams in the New York Emperors Stickball League.  
Stickball. Not just a game...A Tradition! 

  Posted by bxstickball on Sunday, July 27 @ 21:31:36 EDT (237 reads)
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