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League Standings

NYESL - Season 2014
Name W- L- T- Pts-For-Against-Diff-Avg-Win_Pct 
1.Leland Legends1545509867314.08330.729
2.Bronx Emperors15544913761765.70830.708
3.Bronx Royals12844012512055.20830.583
5.Bronx Ravens71342588112-243.66670.375
6.Diamond Backs71342587117-303.62500.375
7.Jersey City Devils71522391134-433.79170.333
8.NJ Saints61442289120-313.70830.333

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  Blvd Logo Leland Wins First Place!

Congratulations to the Leland Legends for coming in first place in 2014! They played hard this year and earned those bragging rights! Of course, next week is the 2014 NYESL Championship weekend, so good luck to all teams in the New York Emperors Stickball League.  
Stickball. Not just a game...A Tradition! 

  Posted by bxstickball on Sunday, July 27 @ 20:31:36 EDT (3 reads)
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  Rest In Peace Our Condolences

As many of you already know, one of our stickball brothers, Mark (Markie) Candelario, from the Diamondbacks, tragically lost his father last weekend in a fatal motorcycle accident. Let's show support for our brother who is dealing with this devastating loss.

Here is the information for the wake:Mark Anthony Candelario will be viewed tomorrow, Wednesday, July 23rd at Castle Hill Funeral Home, located at 1528 Castle Hill Avenue, in The Bronx. The viewing will be from the hours of 3pm to 5pm and 7pm to 9pm.

The family appreciates all of your support and prayers.
  Posted by bxstickball on Wednesday, July 23 @ 07:08:51 EDT (15 reads)
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  Blvd Logo Week 12 Results

D'Backs (1) vs Devils (6)

Emperors (1) vs Leland (1)

Emperors(12) vs Royals (3)

D'Backs (6) vs Ravens (7)

Gold (8) vs Devils (5)

Saints (1) vs Leland (0)

Gold (4) vs Ravens (1)

Saints (5) vs Royals (5)

  Posted by bxstickball on Monday, July 21 @ 20:59:41 EDT (18 reads)
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  Blvd Logo Week 11 Results

Gold (0) vs Saints (8)

Ravens (4) Leland (5)

Saints (1) vs Devils (3)

Gold (7) vs Leland (3)

Emperors (4) vs Ravens (6)

D'Backs (3) vs Royals (3)

Devils (1) vs Royals (5)

Emperors (12) vs D'Backs (2)

  Posted by bxstickball on Monday, July 21 @ 20:59:06 EDT (10 reads)
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  PHP-Nuke Week 11 preview...Ravens looking to keep the momentum going

Gold vs Saints- Both of these teams had a rough week 10 as neither was able to record a win.  The Gold fell behind in the race for the top spot and now find themselves 12 points out of first. The Saints have looked nothing like the team that won 18 games last year and have fallen into last place.

Ravens vs Leland-  The Ravens have turned their season around after a 1-9 start and have lost just once in the last 9 games.  Leland has won 4 in a row and currently sits in first place. But they'll need to keep the wins coming as their lead is just 4 points. 

Saints vs Devils-  This game will be the battle to stay out of the basement.  The Saints have lost 7 in a row, and the Devils are not far behind with 4 loses in a row.  These two teams will have to start playing better if they want to avoid playing the top 2 seeds come playoff time. 

Gold vs Leland-  The Gold have struggled to be consistent this year and have gone just 3-5-1 since winning the Memorial day tournament.  Leland has played solid all year and has only lost 2 games all season.  The season series is tied at 1.

D'Backs vs Royals- The D'Backs are riding high after their impressive week 10 in which they beat the Gold and then the Saints via the walkoff.  The Royals have struggled of late and have lost 4 games in a row.  Their defense has not been very good and ranks among the worst in the league. 

Emperors vs Ravens- This game features two of the leagues hottest teams.  The Ravens have shown great resilience after their terrible start, but they will tested as they face the red hot Emperors who have not lost since before the Memorial Day tournament. 

Devils vs Royals- The Devils and Royals are both riding 4 game losing streaks heading into week 10 and both could really use a win.  Two week ago the Royals were in first place, but that seems like last year at this point. The Devils are just fighting to stay out of last place. 

Emperors vs D'Backs-  The D'Backs second game of the day will be against the team who sports the number one defense and offense in the league.  They will have to bring their "A" game if they want to beat the Emperors. The Emperors are breathing down Lelands neck for the top spot in the league.
  Posted by bxstickball on Friday, July 11 @ 22:37:50 EDT (34 reads)
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  PHP-Nuke Week 10 results- Better Late then never...Leland/Emperors separate from the pack

Emperors 7 vs Saints 2- The Emperors continued their winning ways against the Saints.  Caban and 40 put the Emperors ahead 2-0 in the first to give the Emperors a 2-0 lead. Tyrone extended the lead to 3-0 with an RBI single in the second.  The Saints cut the lead to 3-2 on Gils 2-run double in the bottom of the second.  But that would be all for the Saints. Chungo added a 2 run double for the Emperors in the third and Mike added a 2-run double in the sixth as the Emperors cruised to a 7-2 win. 

D'Backs 5 vs Gold 4- The Gold jumped out a quick 3-0 lead in the first on Carlitos 2 run single and Chick's RBI single.  The D'Back made it 3-1 in their half of the first on Martins RBI single and then 3-2 in the second on Brandons 2-out RBI single.  Then the D'Backs busted through with a 3 run fourth inning. Brandon added an RBI double, followed by Marks RBI sac fly, and Lionels RBI double. Chick added another RBI for the Gold in the 5th, but they were unable to score again and fell 5-4.

Emperors 4 vs Gold 0- The Emperors have done it with power and defense during their impressive streak and this game was no different. Ricky provided all the offense the Emperors would need in the 2nd with a 3-run HR.  Mike added an RBI double for the Emperors in the 3rd. The Gold was stifled by the Emperor defense and unable to mount any type of offensive attack and fell by a score of 4-0. 

D'Backs 8 vs Saints 7- The Saints got off to a quick start in this one and jumped out to a 5-0 lead.  Mick hit an RBI single in the first and Joey added 2 RBIs of his own. Pete Jr. and Mick added RBI sacs to make it 5-0 and the Saints began to chirp. The D'Backs were not amused and began their comback.  Martin had an RBI single in the fourth. In the 5th the D'Backs tied the game with RBI doubles from Naz, Mark, and Lionels 2-run HR. In the sixth the Saints responded to regain the lead on Erics 2-run HR.  The D'Backs chipped away with Shenks RBI single in the 6th. That set the stage for the bottom of the seventh with the D'Backs down by 1.  Martin tied the game with his RBI single, and Jay left the Saints on the field with his RBI single. 

Leland 6 vs Devils 3- The Devils jumped out to the early 2-0 lead with RBIs from Mark and Cito in the first. Dave put Leland on the board in the 3rd with and RBI double.  Mark got the run back for the Devils with his second RBI single in the bottom of the 3rd.  But it wouldn't be enough for the Devils. Dave added his second RBI double for Leland in the 5th and then Edwin followed with a 2-run HR to give Leland the lead. Leland added 2 more runs in the 7th on Daves third RBI double of the game and Ferdis RBI single. 

Ravens 7 vs Royals 2- The Ravens have been playing much better of late and continued to do so in this one.  The Ravens took a 1-0 lead on Brunsons RBI single in the third. In the fourth Al Sr. extended the lead to 2-0.  In the fifth, Elvin hit a 2-run HR and Nelson made it back to back HR's to give the Ravens 5-0 lead. Adam hit a HR in the 5th to give the Royals life.  In the sixth, Royals made it 5-2 on Adams RBI single and it looked like the Royals were on the move. Darnell hit what appeared to be a base clearing triple to tie the game, but the umpires ruled the Royals interfered with the Raven defense and instead was ruled an inning ending out. Skylar and Artie added solo HR's for the Ravens in the seventh. 

Ravens 9 vs Devils 2- The Ravens kept the mojo going against the Devils in their second game. The Ravens broke the game open with a 5-run third.  Five different Ravens (Dax, Brunson, Skylar, Elvin and Efrain) had RBI's in the inning. Artie added an RBI in the 4th to make it 6-0.  Will and Mark hit RBI single in the 5th to give the Devils some life. But the Ravens took all hope away with 3 more runs in the 7th coming off Skylars HR a 2-run single by Al Sr.

Leland 5 vs Royals 2-  Leland got off the fast start in first taking a 2-run lead on an RBI sac by Edwin and an RBI single by Wayne-O.  The Royals fought back in the third to tie the game on RBI singles from Kevin and Petey.  The game remained tied until the 6th when Leland broke through on RBI singles from Izzy and Doug.  Leland added insurance in the seventh on an RBI single from Edwin. The Royals went quietly from there and dropped their second game of the day.
  Posted by bxstickball on Tuesday, July 08 @ 21:48:32 EDT (112 reads)
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  Week 10 Preview- Four team race heading down the stretch...

Emperors vs Saints-  The Emperors are on a roll. They are 6-0-2 in their last 8 games and find themselves just 4 points out of first place. The Saint are headed in the opposite direction. They have lost 5 straight games and find themselves just 2 points from dropping into the basement. 

Gold vs D'Backs- The Gold got themselves back on track last week with two much needed wins and now find themselves in the thick of the race for the top spot.  The D'Backs are just 1-5-1 in their last 7 games and have struggled to find any consistency and are in danger of falling into the basement. 

Gold vs Emperors- The Gold are just 2 points behind the Emperors in the standings and this matchup provides the perfect opportunity for them to pass them in the standings. But the Emperors have been red hot with the sticks and bring the league best defense to the field. The fireworks usually fly when these two meet, and with each being so close in the standings, this matchup should not disappoint. 

Saints Vs D'Backs- Neither of these teams are playing very well right now and both are looking for a much needed win.  The D'Backs have had the Saints number the last few matchup so this matchup is a welcome sight for them.  Both teams have some extra motivation as neither wants to find themselves in last place. 

Leland vs Devils-  Lelands defense was back to its stingy ways last week and their offense had the long ball working.  Leland reclaimed the top spot from the Royals and hopes to stay there for good.  The Devils lost both games last week but Leland is a welcome sight. They have played well against Leland this year are 1-0-1 in their first two matchups.

Ravens vs Royals- The Ravens are pounding on the cellar doors and looking to climb out this week. They've only lost one game since Memorial day and want to keep the momentum going.  The Royals place at the top of the standings was short lived as they lost both games last week. They are the lone team to beat the Ravens since Memorial day and might be what they need to get on track. 

Ravens vs Devils- The Ravens are currently in last place, but a good week, coupled with some keys losses from the 3 teams in front of them, and the Ravens could find themselves in the 5th spot.  One of those teams trying to hold them off is the Devils.  The Devils took the first matchup, but the Ravens got even in the second game. Who take the deciding 3rd game?

Leland vs Royals- Leland has had their with the Royals for a few years now.  The Royals haven't beaten Leland since 2010 and will be looking to finally break through against them.  We all know the Royals can hit, but their defense will have to start playing better as it ranks among the worst in the league.
  Posted by bxstickball on Friday, June 27 @ 23:13:02 EDT (49 reads)
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  PHP-Nuke Week 9 Results- Leland and Emperors leapfrog the Royals

Leland 6 vs Saints 0- Leland was looking to grab the top spot in the standings this week after letting it slip away last week.  The Saints had lost three in a row coming in and things did not get any better for them.  Leland got on the board first with an RBI single from Doug. In the third, Leland put on a long ball display as Dave, Edwin, and Wayne each hit solo blasts.  In the sixth, Eddie F and Dave added RBI double to extend the lead to 6-0.  The Saints had no answer all game.  They only mustered 4 hits and struck out 7 times as team. 

The Gold 2 vs Devils 0-  The Gold came into this game having only won once in their last 5 games, but were determined to get things turned around.  Carlitos gave the Gold a 1-0 lead in the first with his RBI double. Carlitos struck again in the third with another RBI to make it 2-0.  That would be all the Gold needed as the Devils had just three hits on the day.  Pito enjoyed a nice 3 for 3 game to spark each Gold rally.

Leland 2 vs D'Backs 1- The D'Backs came into this game having won just 1 game in their last 7 and desperately needed a win, but  Leland brought their A game to the Blvd this weekend.  In what turned out to be a defensive battle, Leland broke a scoreless tie in the fourth on Dougs RBI double.  Leland took a 1-0 lead in the sixth when Doug struck again with another RBI double to give them a 2-run lead.  The D'Backs tried to rally in the bottom half of the sixth. Ant and Martin started the inning with singles and Tutu was able to bring home a run.  But the D'Backs were unable to put together more hits and fell by a score of 2-1.

Emperors 5 vs Devils 4 - The Emperors have been the hottest team in the league of late having gone 6-0-2 in their last 8 games.  The Devils lost the previous two games against the Emperors and needed to get off to a quick start. Lenny led the game off with a HR to give the Devils the early 1-0 lead.  The Emperors wasted no time in answering back. Chungo tied the game at one, and then Eric and Tito each had RBI singles as the Emperors scored 3 in the first.  Eric hit a HR in the 3rd to extend the lead to 4-1.  The Devils answered back with 2 in the 4th as Bambino hit a HR and Brian had an RBI single.  Caban drove in a run in the 5th to give the Emperors a 5-3 lead. The Devils rallied in the 7th to make it a one run game on Pitos RBI single, but that would be as close as they could get. 

Ravens 2 vs Saints 0- After their 1-9 start the Ravens have been showing signs of life the last few weeks.  The Saints were shut out in their first game and needed a win in the worst way.  Elvin put the Ravens ahead 1-0 with his solo HR in the second. In the 4th, Elvin added an RBI triple to give the Ravens a 2-0 lead.  The Saints came out flat for the second game in a row and were shut out again. Jason was the lone bright spot for the Saints with a 3 for 3 performance. 

The Gold 3 vs Royals 2- The Royals came into this game scoring runs at a furious pace, but the Gold was determined to stop them. Carlitos continued his hot day at the plate and gave the Gold and early 1-0 lead with his RBI double in the first.  The Royals answered back in the third to tie the game on Rubens RBI double.  In the 5th, the Royals took the lead on Darnells RBI double.  But the Gold would answer back in the bottom of the fifth and tie the game on Stevies RBI single.  In the bottom of the sixth, Alex provided the Gold a clutch lead off HR to take a 3-2 lead and the Gold hung on for the win. 

Ravens 0 vs D'Backs 0- The Ravens were feeling good after winning their first game via shutout.  The D'Back on the other hand dropped a heart-breaker earlier and were trying to bounce back.  But neither team could get any offense going in this one. Elvin and Efrain had two hits a piece for the Ravens. The D'Backs had six players record hits but couldn't put any together to score runs. The Ravens did not allow a run this week. 

Emperors 13 vs Royals 5- After playing an emotional drama filled first game, the Royals came out flat for the second game and got steam rolled by a hot Emperor team who have a cylinders firing right now.  The Emperors scored 4 in first to set the tone early. Forty and Eric drove in a run a piece while Caban drove in 2.  Chris hit a HR for the Royals in the second to try and keep the Royals in it. But the Emperors got the run back with Forty's RBI double in the second. Chungo extended the lead to 7-1 in third with a 2-run double. Chris cut the lead to 7-3 with his second HR, this one a 2-run shot, to give the Royals hope. But the Emperors did not let up. They score again in the 4th on Cabans HR, and the added 4 more in the 5th, highlighted by Fortys 3-run HR. After it was all said and done, Caban and Forty drove in 4 runs each, and Chungo drove in 3 for the Emperors. 
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  PHP-Nuke Week 9 Preview- Emperors and Gold look to knock Royals from the top

Leland vs Saints -  The Saints have been trending downward and have now lost 3 in a row after it seemed like their season was about to take a turn for the better.  Leland has cooled off since their 5 game win streak, and are 2-1-2 in their last 5 games.  Leland lost their grip on first place and are looking to regain the top spot against a team they have beaten two times already this season.  The Saint will need to start winning some games and are in jeopardy of not even being a .500 team after winning 18 games a year ago.

Devils vs The Gold-  The Gold has struggled since winning the Memorial Day tournament, going just 1-3-1 since.  On the other hand, the Devils have now won 2 straight games after dropping 7 in  a row and are being paced by a red hot Cooks who has 7 straight multi-hit games.  The Gold is known to rise to the occasion in big games, but they have a number of players who are not having their typical offensive seasons and will need those guys to start coming through.  

Leland vs D'Backs- Before the Memorial Day tournament, the D'Back were starting to piece things together and play good stickball.  But since the tournament they are just 1-4 and have been shut out in 3 of those games.  Leland is licking their chops as they see an opportunity pick up 2 games this week against teams who are struggling.  Lelands 1-2 punch of Dave and Ferdi will look to keep adding to their impressive stats.

Devils vs Emperors- The Emperors have slowly been creeping up the standings the last couple weeks and find themselves just 5 points out of first. Their offense has started to heat up and their defense has been tops in the league thus far.  The Devils have their work cut out for them as the Emperors have dominated them in their first 2 matchups so far this season. The Devils have started to play better the last few games and will look to keep the momentum going to show these Emperors they are better the results of the first two games.

Ravens vs Saints-  The Ravens had a rough start to the season but have started to play better of late, losing just 1 game in the last 5.  They have 3 ties in this recent stretch and are looking to start putting some wins on the board.  The Saints will need to start playing better defense if they want to start winning games, as they are second to last in team defense by just a 1-run difference.  Both teams need this game badly and that should make for a good matchup.

Royals vs The Gold- The Royals have won 4 of their last five games and have been averaging almost 9 runs per game in that stretch.  Their offensive surge has propelled them back to the top of standings, but their matchups this week will put that 1 point lead to the test.  The Gold have lost both matchups to the Royals this year and will be looking to turn things around after their recent tough stretch. This is the time of year the Gold normally starts to pick things up and play their best ball, but a hot Royals team is standing in their way. 

Ravens vs D'Backs- The Ravens and D'Backs have split the season series so far.  Only 5 points separates these teams in the standings and with the way the Ravens have started to turn things around, this writer won't be surprised if things were a little close after this game.  The D'Backs have not been able to find consistent offense or defense this year, while the Ravens are showing signs of going on a run. 

Royals vs Emperors- The Emperors have been moving up the standings, but face the Royals this week who they are 0-1-1 against this year.  Both teams are coming into this game hot and there is nothing these two teams like to do then beat each other.  The Royals will have to keep Vido in check as he has been the key to the Emperor offense in their recent hot stretch. The Emperors have the best defense in the league, but the Royals have 4 players in their lineup (Eric, Kevin, Ruben, Darnell) who are in the top 5 in hits in the league.  The Emperors will need to find a way to keep those guys down if they want to get this win. 

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  PHP-Nuke All Star Game Recap- Week 8 results

Sunday was a beautiful day on the Blvd.  The stickball family was out in full effect to remember our dear friend Daddy who passed away last week, and to celebrate the first half accomplishments of this years All-Stars.  These players were voted on by their teammates and team captains to represent their team. The Odds Team, represented by Leland, the Emperors, Saints and D'Back, against The Even Squad, represented by the Royals, Gold, Devils and Ravens. In the end, Eddie F's team won easily against Bombi's squad by a score of 4-1.  Mike Carrion was name All Star came MVP with his 3 for 3 effort. 

Regular Season Games

Royals 7 vs D'Back 4- The Royals broke out of their mini slump in week 7 and got back to their old hitting ways. The D'Backs were up and down, winning by shutout in one, but then getting shut out in the second. The Royals jumped out to the early 3-0 lead in the first on Kevin's RBI double and Petey's 2-run double.  The D'Backs chipped away in the second on RBI single from John and Naz. In the third the D'Backs took the lead thanks to Chris' 2 run double and all of sudden things were looking up for the D'Backs.  The lead was short lived as the Royals came storming back in the 5th. Eric tied the game with his RBI double, and then Ruben gave the Royals the lead on his RBI double.  Adam drove in the third run with his RBI single to give the Royals a 6-4 lead. The Royals later added to their lead in the seventh on Adams RBI double and went on to the 7-4 victory.

Leland 1 vs Emperors 1- The Emperors have been the leagues hottest team of late and were looking to keep things going against their nemesis.  Leland dropped their first game last week since week 1 and were looking to start up a new streak.  For as much as these two teams hit, we were treated to a defensive battle. The Emperors broke the scoreless tie in the fourth inning on Eric's RBI single.  The Emperors held on to the slim 1-0 lead until the last inning, until Leland finally broke through. Ralph started the rally with a 1-out double and Dave drove him with a game tying double. 40 started the Emperor seventh with a hit, but the Emperors were unable to bring him in. 

The Gold 6 vs Ravens - The Gold had lost three of their last four games coming into this week and were looking to right the ship. The Ravens have started to play better of late having lost once in their last 4 games.  Dax and Tim put the Ravens on the board first with RBI singles. The Gold answered back in the second 6on Frankies solo HR, and Watts RBI double. The Raven came back in third to regain the lead on Skylar's 4th HR of the year, this one a 2-run shot. In the 4th, the Ravens added 2 more runs to take 6-2 lead on Brunson's RBI single and Dax's RBI double.  But the Gold offense couldn't be held down. Frankie hit his second HR in the bottom of the fourth to cut the lead to 3. In the fifth, Carlitos hit a 2-run HR to cut the lead to 6-5. And finally in the 6th, Josh added to the Gold HR parade with a solo shot to tie the game.

Devils 8 vs Saints 3- Last week the Devils put and end to their losing streak with a much needed W. The Saints on the other hand dropped 2 games in week 7 and continued their season of inconsistency. The Devils started out with a bang by jumping out to a 4 run lead in the first. Mark and Cito each had RBI singles and Brian had a 2-run single in the inning. The Saints tried to chip away by scoring 1 run in the third on Pedros RBI single and scored 1 in the fourth on Josh's RBI single. But the Devils got those 2 runs back in the 5th on a 2-run single by Cooks, and then added 2 more in the 6th on RBI's by Pito and Bambino to take a commanding 8-2 lead and put the Saints away for good.

<img src="images/2014allstars.jpg" />

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Devils vs Ravens
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