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NYESL - Season 2015
Name W- L- T- Pts-For-Against-Diff-Avg-Win_Pct 
1.Bronx Emperors202262148381106.16670.875
2.Bronx Royals1347469970294.12500.688
4.Leland Legends1110336124100245.16670.521
5.Jersey City Saints811428104129-254.52170.435
6.Diamond Backs81422676123-473.16670.375
7.Bronx Ravens51441979122-433.43480.304
8.Brew Crew41721447131-842.04350.217

Steve Mercado : Our Game


  Blvd Logo 2015 Columbus Day Champs - Tampa Chargers!

  Posted by bxstickball on Wednesday, October 28 @ 21:32:34 EDT (262 reads)
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Columbus Day in general has always been treated as a “Second Tier” Holiday.  Although it is considered a Federal Holiday, if you don’t work for a Bank, have a federal position or deliver the mail you most likely have to still show up for work.  This is the reason why the CDT has always been a two-day tournament.  While we (NYESL) recognize it as one of the major 4 Championships (Memorial Day, Regular Season, Labor Day and Columbus Day) it has always been treated as second tier.  The weather is not always the best, it can be cold, it can be overcast... the list goes on.  We always look forward to the CDT.  It marks the last time in the calendar year that most of us will not pick up a Stickball Bat until the next March or April.  Especially when you’re from NYC.  So we are always up for it.  And for the most part it’s a last tournament to end the year.  However, 2015 things are different… 

It has been an eventful year to say the least.  A lot of tempers flowing, teams working hard to have a breakout season of their own, players working hard to prove doubters wrong… 2015 has been one to remember for sure.  With that being said, there has been one team that has found the most success this year and that is The Emperors.  After winning both the Memorial Day Tournament and regular season championship the Emperors were on the quest for the opportunity to achieve “The Grand Slam” of Stickball by attempting to win all “4 Majors”.  After a crazy and heart breaking loss to the Tampa Chargers in Tampa for the LDT, things have gotten interesting.  To say people would be excited to see this matchup would be an understatement.  Both teams have been talking, both teams have made guarantees-some bolder than others- this will be one to pay attention to.   

For the first time ever, a team will be traveling up to NYC for the Columbus Day Tournament.  The Tampa Chargers announced after LDT that they would be in fact traveling up to compete.  Now all of a sudden the “second tier” tournament suddenly has a Memorial Day feel to it.  Tampa isn’t the only team coming in for the CDT 2015.  We have a total of 13 teams, that’s right, 13 TEAMS for the CDT 2015.  With just two days and only 3 games to prove yourselves before 5 teams get cut after Saturday, things will most definitely get interesting.  Competition will be at its highest level, tempers will flare, and most of all the game will go out on a BIG NOTE for 2015.   

Here is a complete list of teams joining the NYESL for the CDT 2015: 

The Wolfpack  - A team created out of the young talent from the East Harlem Stickball team.  These guys are fierce, hungry and competitive.  They are friends and family who grew up playing together and take them lightly if you want to, because their Harlem resume speaks for itself.  Led by Angel, this team is looking to find their first taste of success in the NYESL.
The Warriors  -   Another East Harlem Stickball team.   Coming in to make a spark as well, the Warriors will work to show why they shouldn’t be taken lightly.  

The Chiefs  -  East Harlem is coming out ready to play.  The Chiefs look to come into the final tournament of the year and look to find success against the NYESL teams. 

The Silver Bullets A team newly created out of the inspiration brought to Stickball and his family-a tribute to Steve Mercado.  The Silver Bullets will compete for the first time as a team, however this will not be a regular new team.  Made up of some really good talent from all over the NYESL, including 3 players from the Royals, players from Leland and the list go on… This will be a team looking to make some noise!   

Coming back to compete from the NYESL:

The Brew Crew  -  After their first year on the BLVD, the Brew Crew is looking to find stability and compete with the best of them.  Led by Eddie, Adam and Frankie, this team looks to continue to bring fun energy to the BLVD.       

The Diamondbacks - Talk about a gritty team.  The D-Backs are a team made of family and friends and have been trying to find the consistency and spark to compete with the best teams in the NYESL.        

The Saints  -   Jersey City’s very own.  The Saints have shown sparks of being one of the better hitting teams in the BLVD but have struggled to have their defense match their sticks.  Will this be the tournament that it all comes together for them?    

The Ravens  - Led by Artie and Ed Brunson.  The Ravens look to find their spark after a disappointing 2015 regular season.  They have shown flashes of putting it back together and are looking forward to having Al Jr. back for the CDT.  Let’s see how they can end their year! 

The Leland Legends  -   Family first.  This team is made up of core family members and lifelong friends.  Leland has shown that they have the talent to compete with the best of them on every scale but have not been over to get over the hump.  Will the 2015 CDT have a different outcome for them?  

The Royals  -   #RoyalFAM is what we stick by and always will.  It will be a difficult weekend for the Royals, as they will lose 3 key players that will be playing for the Silver Bullets.  But don’t let that fool you.  The Royals are still made up of a strong core and the lineup still features some of the best in the game.  The Royals have made 3 Columbus Day Championship games; will 2015 finally be the one? 

The Gold  -   Looking to reclaim glory for an attempt of winning the last championship of the year, The Gold will come in and do what they do.  Which is competing at the highest level and showing why they have been one of the best teams ever.    

The Emperors  - The Emperors have been the team to beat lately.  After going on an impressive streak and looking unbeatable for the 2015 season, the Emperors look to win their third championship of the year.   

  Posted by bxstickball on Thursday, October 08 @ 11:49:38 EDT (315 reads)
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  Blvd Logo 2015 Labor Day Champs - Tampa Chargers!

  Posted by bxstickball on Friday, October 02 @ 20:28:04 EDT (132 reads)
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  Blvd Logo 2015 NYESL League Champs - Bronx Emperors!

  Posted by bxstickball on Tuesday, August 04 @ 22:02:09 EDT (247 reads)
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  Playoff Sunday Preview

       The regular season is finally over and Championship Sunday is finally upon us.  It been the year of the Emperors so far as they cruised to a 20 win season, picking up a Memorial Day Championship along the way.  Led by Vido Creales and Anthony Caban, the Emperor offense scored a league high 148 runs.  Their defense wasn't too shabby either, as they finished with the top ranked defense only allowing 38 runs all season.  
       In second place, the Bronx Royals had one of their best seasons losing just 4 games all season and posting their best ever defensive season.  They were keyed by their spark plug David Hernandez, who posted his best season with 36 hits, and Darnell Byrd, who tied his career high with 37 hits.  
       In third we have the Gold.  The Gold got off to a slow start this year, playing inconsistently from game to game, but found their groove in last third of the season propelling them to third place.  The Gold is a veteran team, and the return of Ed Betances makes this lineup as dangerous as any in the league.  Pito led the way for the Gold with 41 hits and is the key to jump starting this offense. 
       Leland claimed the last home field spot and finished fourth overall.  This years Leland squad  had a let down on the defensive end this year, recording the least amount of points in their 10+ years in the league.  Dave Meerow paced the offense and led the team in hits and runs batted in.  
       Finishing in fifth place was the Jersey City Saints.  The Saints came into the season with high expectations, but they were inconsistent from week to week.  Lenny Saturria led the team with 46 hits and will need him to continue to set the table for the big boppers behind him. 
       In sixth we have the D'Backs.  The D'Backs got off to a great start this season, but a second half swoon kept them from finishing higher.  A late season streak helped them tie their record for wins a season.  Mark Candeleria led the team in hits and average, and they will need him to keep providing a spark if they want to make some noise this weekend.  
       The Ravens finished in 7th place and had their worst season in franchise history.  They didn't have the season they were looking for, but this team is still capable of making noise. Ed Brunson led the way on offense, and Austin Mercado came into his own this season becoming a nice weapon for this team.  
       Finishing in last place was the new team on the block, the Brew Crew.  Every new team goes through growing pains in their first season, and the Brew Crew was no different.  Frankie Rivera led the Brew Crew offense and they will need his second half surge to continue if they intend on providing a couple of upsets this weekend.

And now the matchups:

Field 1 @ 10 AM- Gold (3)vs D'Backs (6- The Gold took the season series 2-1-1 but the D'Backs have played them tough this season.  The return of Ed Betances to a lineup that already has the likes of Pito, Dusty and Carlitos, makes this team that more dangerous. Josh also had a breakout season for the Gold so the D'Backs will have their hands full.  The D'Backs will need their young bats, led by Mark, Kris, Joey and Martin, to hit and hit often if they want to beat the Gold

Field 2 @ 10 AM- Leland (4) vs Saints (5)- Leland dominated the Saints this season going 4-0 against them.  These are two offenses that can put up crooked numbers.  The Saints will need to keep the bases empty when Dave comes up for Leland as he has been an RBI machine all season.  The same could be said for Leland.  They will need to keep the bases empty when Bambino comes up as he has shown the knack for the big hit.

Field 1 @ 11 AM- Emperors (1) vs Brew Crew (8)-  The Emperors have been on a mission all season, but the Brew Crew stand in their way. Wait what?  Thats right, the Brew Crew has beaten this team twice this season and has shown a knack for rising to the occasion when they play the Emperors.  Vido and Caban have been a lethal combination all year and the Brew Crew defense will have to keep them in check if they have any hope of beating the Emperors a third time.  The Brew Crew will need their vets, Frankie, Russ and Jay, to lead the way if an upset is in the cards.

Field 2 @ 11 AM- Royals (2) vs Raven (7)- The Royals took the season series from the Ravens, but every game they played this season was a nail biter.  The Ravens have been a thorn in the Royals side each time they have played and a very confident they can finally beat the Royals when it counts.  This weekend Al Jr. will be back in the lineup to compliment Brunson and Austin. The Royals have bent against the Ravens, but they haven't broken.  The Royals will need David and Darnell to keep getting on for the middle of the order to do some damage.
  Posted by bxstickball on Saturday, August 01 @ 01:45:00 EDT (332 reads)
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  PHP-Nuke Week 12 results- Gold clinch 3 seed and playoff seedings get set

Emperors 4 vs Saints 3- The Emperors have been cruising along all year and came out swinging in this game.  In the first inning Ty started the Emperor scoring with an RBI on a fielders choice.  40 followed with an RBI single, and then Tito drove in a third run with his RBI single.  The Saint answered back with 2 runs of their own in the bottom half of the first on RBI doubles from Cooks and Pete.  In the 4th the Saints even the score on an RBI sac fly from Jeremy.  Tied at 3 in the 6th, X-Man provided the spark for the Emperor rally as he got on with a double, and then his old man D-Lush drove him in with an RBI double.

Ravens 13 vs D'Backs 2- The D'Backs entered the game winning 4 of their last 5, but the Ravens came out hot and made it a long game.  The Ravens put up a 5 spot in the first. Ed started things off with a 2-run double, followed by RBI's from Artie, Nelson and Dax.  Ed then added an RBI in the second.  Kris put the D'Backs on the board in the 3rd with an RBI single. But the Ravens did not take their foot off the gas.  Ed and Gil drove in runs in the 5th and the Ravens finished the D'Backs off in the 6th. Efrain and Austin each had RBI doubles in the 6th for the Ravens.

Brew Crew 3 vs Leland 1

Royals 6 vs Gold 3- The Gold had a chance to clinch the 3 seed with a win and wanted to get things wrapped up early.  The Royals started the scoring in the 3rd with Kevins RBI.  The Gold answered right back in the bottom of the 3rd courtesy of a 2-run HR by Pito.  In the 5th, the Royals bats came to life as Eric drove in the tying run with an RBI single, followed RBI doubles from Skylar and Christian.  The Gold got one back in the bottom of the 5th with an RBI single from Betances.   But the Royals came right back in the 6th with 2 more runs as Darnell had an RBI triple, followed by Kevins RBI single.  The Gold would have to wait another game to try and clinch the 3 seed.

Gold 7 vs Brew Crew 2- The Brew Crew wanted to end their season on a high note by knocking off the Gold in their season finale.  The Brew Crew scored first on back to back RBI singles from Russell and Jay in the bottom 3rd.  But the Gold came right back in the top of the 4th with 5 runs to spoil the Brew Crews early lead. Watts tied the game with a 2-run single, followed by Pito's 2-run double, and Stevie's RBI single.  Hunter added an RBI single in the 5th, and Betances drove in another run with an RBI single in the 6th. The Brew Crew had no answer and the Gold successfully clinched the 3 seed for next weeks playoffs.

Saints 9 vs Ravens 9- The Ravens and Saint treated everyone on the blvd to a slug-fest in this one.  The Saint scored first on Cooks RBI single in the 1st.  The Ravens tied the game in the 2nd on Efrains RBI single.  The Ravens offense added 4 more runs in the 3rd courtesy of a 3-run HR from Artie, and an RBI double from Nelson.  The Saints answered right back with 6 runs in the bottom of the 3rd.  Mick and Bambino each hit 2-run HR's in the inning, while Pito and Jason contributed RBI singles. The Ravens answered the Saint in the 5th with 4 more runs.  Efrain hit a 2-run HR to start things off, then Austin added a 2-run double.  Down by 2, the Saints offense wasn't about to let this one get away.  Bambino brought the Saints within 1 with an RBI single, and then Pete tied the game with an RBI single of his own.  
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  PHP-Nuke Week 11 Recap- Emperors and Royals clamp down. Royals clinch 2 seed

Leland 1 vs Gold 1- Leland and Gold both came into this game tied in the standings and looking to  separate  from the other.  Both teams brought their A game as the defenses stepped up in this one.  There was no score until the 5th when Leland broke through to take the 1-0 lead, courtesy of Edwins RBI single.  Leland was 2 outs from victory when Frankies double in the 7th gave the Gold some life.  With 1 out and a man on second, Watts came through with the huge RBI single to tie the game and both of these teams ended up right where they started. Tied.

Royals 5 vs Brew Crew 1- The Brew Crew have played the Royals tough all season and had high hopes to finally beat them in their final matchup with them.  The Royals put the pressure on the Brew Crew early.  In the bottom of the 2nd, the Royals put up 4 runs. Coree started the scoring with an RBI single, then Darnell, Kevin, and Eric all followed suit with RBI singles of their own.  The Brew Crew scored in the top of the 3rd on  an RBI from Lenny, but that would all for the Brew Crew in this one. Skylar added an RBI late for the Royals as they went on to win 5-1.

Royals 0 vs Ravens 0-
The Royals were looking to wrap up the 2 seed in this game, but the Ravens gave them all they could handle.  The Ravens had a chance to score in the 3rd, putting runners on first and second with 1 out.  Jeremy came up for the Ravens and hit a single with the go-ahead run on, but the Royal defense executed a perfect relay to cut the runner off from scoring.  In the bottom of the sixth,  the Royals had a chance to take the lead when Ralphy got on with a single.  Coree put a charge into one which looked like trouble off the bat, but Austin of the Ravens saved the day with an incredible running catch to save the game and preserve the 0-0 tie.

Leland 12 vs Saints 1-
The short-handed Saints were no match for Leland in this game as Leland came out hitting.  Cooks put the Saints on top early with an RBI single in the first, but the lead would be short lived.  In the bottom of the first, Leland struck back with a 2-run double by Edwin, and an RBI single by Dave. The same combo added an RBI each again in the 2nd.  In the 4th, David added to his already big game with a solo HR.  Leland put an end to the Saints misery in the 5th by adding 5 more runs, highlighted by Ralph’s 2-run double.

D’Backs 6 vs Gold 5-
The D’Back came into this game with a ton of confidence after lasy week, but found themselves in the hole early. In the first, Carlitos started the scoring for the Gold with an RBI single, followed by Batances RBI single.  Welcome Back to the Blvd Ed! In the 3rd, the Gold added two more runs on Carlitos 2-run double. Carlitos continued his big day with another RBI in the 5th. Down by 5, the D’Backs finally showed life in the bottom of the 6th. An RBI double by Kris, and a 2-run single by Martin cut the lead to 5-3. In the bottom of the 7th, the D’Backs completed the comeback. Ty led of with a single and Pedro followed suit.  Then  Ant came up next with a big RBI double to cut the lead to 5-4. And with the winning runs on 2nd and 3rd, Jay delivered the walk-off 2-run single.

Emperors 8 vs Brew Crew 4-
This game was a matchup of teams heading in the opposite direction. The Emperors started the scoring in the second with Chungo’s 2-run double.  D-Lush, Vido and Caban each added RBI’s in the inning to give the Emperors a 5-0 lead.  The Brew Crew answered back with a couple of runs in the bottom half of the 2nd on Freddys RBI triple and Rae’s RBI double.  In the 3rd, the Emperors extended the lead on Rick’s RBI double, and D-Lush’s 2-run double.  The Brew added runs in the 6th and 7th, but it wasn’t enough to keep up with the Emperors. Frankie of the Brew Crew finished the game 4 for 4 to provide a bright spot in the Brew Crew loss.

D’Backs 6 vs Saints 2-
The D’Backs came into this game riding a 3 game win streak and playing like the team we saw prior to Memorial Day. They opened up a 4-run lead in the second thanks to  RBI singles from Jay and Mark, and then a 2-run double from Kris.  The Saints cut the lead in half in the bottom of the 2nd as Josh and Lefty came through with RBI singles.  Naz provided RBI single s in the 3rd, and then again in the 5th inning to give the D’Backs a 4-run cushion they would not let up.  The win brought them within 1 point of the Saints in the standings for the 5th seed.

Emperors 11 vs Ravens 1-
 The Ravens battled to a tie in their first game and were looking to keep add points but ran into the Emperors in their second game of the day.  The Emperors scored in the first for the early 1-0 lead  on an RBI single from Rick.  The Ravens tied the game up in the top of the 3rd on a solo HR from Jeremy.  But the Emperors turned up the heat and scored 4 in the bottom of the 3rd on RBIs from Bango, Wic (2), and D-Lush.  In the 4th, the Emperors added 4 more runs thanks to RBI’s from 40, Vido, Bango, and Rick. In the 5th, the Emperors closed out the game on RBI’s from Vic and Tito and kept their winning ways going.

Royals 5 vs D’Backs 0-
The D’Backs came into this game riding a 4 game win streak and looking to finally take down the Royals, but the Royals had other ideas.  In the 1st, Skylar opened up the scoring for the Royals with a 2-run single. In the 3rd, Skylar added an RBI double to extend the Royal lead to 3-0.  The D’Backs could not get anything going in this one and the Royal defense  held them to  just 5 scattered singles.  Skylar added his 4th RBI of the game on a sac-fly in the 7th, and Jonathan provided an RBI double to finish this game off.  The Royals clinched the second seed with the win.

Emperors 6 vs Leland 3-
No stats handed in  
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  Week 11 Preview- Gold and Leland battle for 3rd place, with their eyes set on th

Leland vs Gold - Leland dropped two games last week and slipped into a tie with the Gold.  The Gold have been playing better ball of late and are 6-1-3 in their last ten games.  Leland is 5-5 in the same stretch. This should be a good match-up as both team are fighting for sole possession of third, and have second seed in their sights.

Royals vs Brew Crew- The Royals offense finally began to like its old self last week, but their defense regressed as they dropped two games last week.  The Brew has struggled in their first year, but they have played the Royals well this season and have had a chance to beat them in each game they've played. The Royals grip on second has been loosening up a bit, so they need to start winning games if they don't want the Gold or Leland to streak past them.

Royals vs Ravens-  The Ravens split their games in week 10 as they faced off against two tough opponents. The Royals lead the series 2-0-1, but slipped by the Ravens in their last match-up, and rallied to salvage a tie in the second their second meeting.  If the Ravens defense can keep the Royals in check, they have a great chance to pull the upset and finally break through against them.

Leland vs Saints- The Saints offense put up 23 runs last week, but that was only good enough to earn a split.  Leland dropped two games, and held on to survive a furious rally for their only win.  Their defense will have to step up in this game if they want to beat the Saints.  I predict a slug-fest as both of these teams are capable of lighting up the scoreboard.

D'Backs vs Gold-  The D'Backs awoke from their second half slumber last week and pull out 2 much needed wins.  They face a Gold team who has tightened up in all areas of the game and has begun to resemble the dangerous Gold team the league has come to expect.  The Gold lead the season series 2-0-1 and will looking to keep marching towards the post-season.  The D'Backs will need to be on their game if they want to keep the momentum of last week going.

Emperors vs Brew Crew- The Emperors have been a juggernaut all season and have already wrapped up the #1 seed for the playoffs.  The Brew Crew have shocked the Emperors a couple times already this season, so if they aren't careful and looked past this pesky bunch, they could find themselves in a dog fight.  The Emperors can put in it cruise control to close out the year, but knowing this bunch they are out to keep dominating.

D'Backs vs Saints- The Saints have dominated the season series against the D'Backs with record of 3-0.  The D'Backs had been struggling but last week showed us they still have plenty of fight left in them.  The Saints have been swinging the bats well all season, but if the D'Backs can step up their defense this week they have an chance for the upset.  If they can keep the Saints from exploding early, its anybodys game.

Emperors vs Ravens- This has been a tough year for the Ravens, but if they can gain some momentum and win some games heading into the playoffs, then anything can happen.  The Emperors not only lead the league in offense, but also sport the leagues best offense.  The Ravens will have their hands full if they can't find a way to keep the Emperors offense in check.

Make up Games 

D'Backs vs Royals-  The D'Backs normally give the Royals fits when they meet, but the Royals have been on the winning side of two one-sided games this season and lead the season series 2-0.  The Royals defense slipped last week, and they will be looking to tighten it back up.  The D'Backs will be looking to follow up last weeks good performance with a couple more wins.

Emperors vs Leland-  This is one of the leagues best rivalries, but the Emperors have been too much for Leland to handle this year.  Leland has yet to score a run against the Emperor defense this season, so they will have their work cut out for them.  The Emperors always step up to play Leland, and they way they've been playing this year, Leland might be in for a long game.
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  PHP-Nuke Week 10 Results- D'Backs end the slump and win 2

Emperors 6 vs D'Backs 0-  The Emperors were out to continue their winning ways in this one, while the D'Backs were looking to snap the winless streak.  The Emperors jumped out to the early 3-0 lead in the first inning courtesy of RBI doubles by Caban and Ty, and an RBI single from Eric.  It would be all the Emperors needed as the D'Back offense had no answer whatsoever.  Vido added an RBI triple in the 4th, Eric added and RBI single in the 5th, and Caban put the finishing touches in the 6th with another RBI double
Saints 16 vs Brew Crew 3- The Saint struck first int his one on Bambino's RBI single in the first inning.  The Brew Crew were out to show they wouldn't be a push over and struck right back with 2 in bottom of the 1st on RBI's from Jay and Bombi.  But their lead would be short lived as the Saints offense exploded.  The Saint scored 5 in the second, highlighted by Micks 2-run HR.  In the fourth, the Saint added 4 more runs, led by Bambino knocking in 2 RBI's with a double.  The 5th inning was more of the same as the Saint tacked on another 5 runs, with Lenny and Cooks driving in 2 runs a piece in the inning.

Emperors 2 vs Gold 2- The Gold were looking to put an end to the Emperors latest run and keep moving up the standings. The Gold struck first with the help of Watts RBI single in the bottom of the second.  The Gold defense kept the Emperors in check and extended the lead with Pete's RBI double in the 5th.  Down by two in the 6th, the Emperors got a little bit of help from Caban with a huge 2-run HR to tie the game at 2.   The Gold put the go-ahead run on in the bottom half of the 6th with 1 out, but were unable to bring them in. Neither team could break through and this one ended in a tie. 

D'Backs 3 vs Brew Crew 2- The Brew Crew got off to another good start to this game and were looking to bounce back from their earlier blow-out.  Bombi put the Brew Crew ahead in the bottom of the first with an RBI single. In the 3rd, Dom added an RBI double to give the Brew Crew a 2 run lead.  In the 6th, the D'Backs finally woke up to tie the game. Veterans Big Mark and Lou delivered with the clutch RBI's.  In the 6th, Schenk delivered the go ahead RBI for the D'Backs with an RBI single.  The Brew Crew had no answer and the D'Backs go the monkey off their back.

Ravens 3 vs Leland 2-  The Ravens have had a  rough go of it of late and were determined to get back in the win column.  Leland scored first courtesy of Dave's RBI single in the first.  In the 2nd, Edwin extended for Leland with an RBI single.  But the Ravens struck back in the 3rd.  Brunson delivered the clutch 2-run single to tie the game up at 2.  In the 5th, the Ravens took the lead on Arties sac-fly.   Leland had no answer the rest of the way and the Ravens came through with the much needed win.

Royals 11 vs Saints 7- The Saints bats were red hot in their first game and continued their hot streak in the 1st inning against the Royals with a 5 run outburst. Bambino, Pete, Josh and Eric each drove in runs for the Saints.  But the Royals answered with 3 in the bottom of the 3rd to keep pace. David led things off with a HR, and then Eric and Chris added RBI singles.  Down 6-4 in the 5th, the Royals broke through with another 4 runs, led by Joanthans 2-run double and RBI singles from Rade and Darnell. In the 6th, the Royals continued to pour it. Chris hit a solo HR, and Rade followed with a 2-run HR.

Gold 6 vs Ravens 0- The Ravens were feeling good after their win in the first game, but ran into a Gold team who was been hot of late.  The Gold took the early lead on Carlitos RBI single in the first. In the second, Josh made it a 2-run game with an RBI single of his own.  In the 5th, Stevie and Dusty each had RBI single to extend the Gold lead.  Josh and Stevie added RBI's later in the game to finish off the Ravens.  Austin was the only bright spot for the Ravens as he led them with 2 hits.

Leland 7 vs Royals 6-  The Royals have played Leland much better of late, but Leland was out to regain their form against them.  In the 3rd Leland put the Royals in a big hole with a 6 run outburst.  Jayden started the party with an RBI single, then Boobie, Dave (2), Ferdi, and Izzy continued with RBI's of their own. In the 5th, the Royals bats got going and cut the lead in half.  David had a 2-run double in the inning, and Eric had an RBI single.  In the bottom of the inning, Leland added a huge insurance run on Dougs RBI single.  The Royals scored another 3 runs in the top of the 6th to put pressure on Leland. David had a 2-run triple, and Darnell drove him in with a sac-fly.  With all the momentum heading into the 7th, the Royals fizzled and their comeback fell short.

Emperors 5 vs Royals 2-  The Emperors have had the Royals number all season and were looking to continue their dominance.  40 and Ty put the Emperors ahead in the first with RBI singles. The Royals answered back on Kevin's RBI single in the first, and tied the game in the 2nd on Jonathans RBI double.  But the Emperors weren't done. In the 3rd the Emperors took the lead and Ant-Lives RBI single. In the 4th, the Emperors extended the lead on Vidos RBI triple and Cabans RBI sac- fly.  The Royals had an opportunity to cut into the lead with runners on second and third with one out in the bottom of the 4th, but were unable to push them in.  That would be as close as the Royals got in this one.

D'Backs 2 vs Leland 1-  The D'Backs finally broke their slump earlier in day and were looking to keep it going in their last game of the day.  Leland took the 1-0 lead in the 3rd on Daves sac-fly.  The D'Backs answered right back in the top of the 4th. Lionel came through with the clutch 2-run HR to give the D'Backs the 2-1 lead. From their, the D'Backs defense locked Leland down and held on for their second win of the day. 

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  Week 10 Preview- Royals, Gold, Leland try to chase down the Emperors

After a week 9 rain-out, and a week off to celebrate the 4th of July, it seems like Stickball has been off for a month.  But the wait will be worth it as stickball is finally back with some make up games added to the schedule. Here are this weeks matchups:

D'Backs vs Emperors- The Emperors have been the best team in the league so far this year, boasting the leagues best offense and defense, and have separated themselves from the pack.  The D'Backs, on the other hand, are win-less in their last 9 games, and what looked to be a promising season has taken a turn for the worse. Maybe 2 weeks off is what the D'Backs needed to recharge and refocus their energy.  They will need to be at their best if they want and chance at upsetting the Emperors.

Saints vs Brew Crew-  The Saints have settled in the middle of the pack and their offense has cooled off scoring just 9 runs in their last 5 games (5 in one game).  Scoring runs has been a problem for the Brew Crew all season, and their defense hasn't been any better. A win over the Saints could boost their confidence in time for the stretch run.  The Saints will need every win they can get in order to avoid falling further behind the top 4 teams.

Emperors vs Gold- This normally volatile and exciting rivalry hasn't lived up to the hype this year, as the Emperors have handled the Gold easily the last two match-ups.  The Gold however seem to be hitting their stride as they have won 5 of 6 and are starting to plat like the Gold of old.  The one loss however came against these Emperors.  The Gold have put themselves back in the top 4 with their recent good play, and will look to keep climbing.

D'Backs vs Brew Crew-  The D'Backs are only 3 points ahead of the Brew Crew, and a loss would put them closer to the bottom of the standings.  The Brew Crew does not like sitting at the bottom of the standings and would love to have some more company down there.  What better way to do that then to beat the D'Backs.

Leland vs Ravens- Leland once again finds themselves in the thick of thing and are just 4 points behind the Royals for the second seed.  Leland's defense has not been what we are all accustomed to seeing, but their offense remains as dangerous as ever.  After showing some life in week 7, the Ravens find themselves on another losing streak and tied with the Brew Crew for worst record in the league. They will need to play better defense as their offense has struggled to put runs on the board.

Royals vs Saints- The Royals have struggled to put runs together this year, but their much improved defense has kept them in the 2 seed for much of the season.  The Saints are always looking to knock off the Royals and have battled them tough all season.  The Royals lead the season series, but the Saints have been close to knocking them off, twice battling to ties. This game could be anyone's for the taking.

Gold vs Ravens- The season series is tied at 1 between these two teams, but the way the Gold has been playing lately, combined with the Ravens recent slide, has the Gold licking their chops.  But the Gold know better than to look past the Ravens after already losing to them once earlier this season.  

Royals vs Leland- Up until recently, Leland had dominated the Royals in pretty much every game they played.  But the Royals have turned the tables of late and played much better against Leland.  The Royals lead the season series and will look to extend their 4 point lead over Leland.  But a win by Leland will make the standings at the top and the race down the stretch much more interesting. 

Week 9 Make-up games

Royals vs Emperors- The Royals have 2 loses this season, and both have come at the hands of the Emperors and both have been in blowout fashion.  The Emperors will look to continue to dominate the Royals, while the Royals will be playing for pride in this one. They know they are a much better team than they have shown the previous 2 games, but they will have to prove it, as the Emperors have simply been on another level this season. 

D'Backs vs Leland-  The season series is tied at 1 between these two team, but they have been on opposite paths since Memorial Day, with Leland clawing their way back to the top 3, and the D'Backs free-falling near the bottom.  A win against Leland could provide the spark the D'Backs need to save their season, but Leland will be out to make sure that doesn't happen.


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